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Teaching Hospital Kandy Current Status

Statistics GraphThe Teaching Hospital - Kandy is the second largest hospital in the Island. According to the plans its extent is 58.409 acres. 186,807 patients have been admitted to the hospital in year 2011. There have been 49 types of specialty clinics and 844,480 patients have been treated in those clinics.  3 days treatments of OPD (Out Patients Department) have been given to 371,309 patients in the same year.

There are 5048 staff members who render their service to the hospital in various disciplines. Total numbers of Consultants are 83. Grade Medical officers and the Intern Medical officers together come into 603.

The Hospital Statistics at a Glance

  • 2292 Beds
  • 78 Wards
  • 13 Special Units
  • 10 Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
  • 24 Operating Theatres
  • 49 Specialties



The medical and surgical specialties covered in the hospital include the following specialties covering almost all medical and surgical specialities under a single Institution.

Rheumatology Cardiothoracic surgery Renal Transplant Units
Neurosurgery Physiotherapy, Orthopedic surgery
Gastroenterological surgery ENT Dental Surgery
Dermatology STD Radiology
Microbiology Laboratory services Obstetrics and Gynecology
Psychiatry General Medicine General Surgery
Chest Medicine Cardiology Plastic surgery
Cardiothoracic surgery Oncology Oncological surgery
Nursing school Judicial Medicine Postgraduate Center
Nephrology Endocrinology Out patient Department
Neurology Gastroenterology Ophthalmology
Pathology Pediatrics Paediatric surgery Intensive care
Haematology Urology Emergency Treatment Unit

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Kandy Cancer Hospital Fund

Kandy Cancer Hospital Fund

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